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IDCLA is a legal services alliance; a practice that offers strategic solutions in both contentious and non-contentious areas in International Investment and Development. It serves the needs of businesses, governments, non-profit organizations and individual clients to resolve disputes whether in court or arbitration.

IDCLA has been conceptualized and developed by Md. Imam Hossain Investment and Transnational Corporations, International Banking and Securities Regulation and Intellectual Property Law specialised and Bar-At-Law and Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh. IDCLA brings together a number of Barristers , Advocates and Consultants in English and Bangladeshi law to provide innovative, practical and dynamic business solutions to multi-layered legal issues of Investment and Transnational Corporations, Chemical Industries, Banking & Securities, International Trade & Intellectual Property, Bio-Technology and Development.

Md.Imam Hossain

Lawyers in Developing Countries

Md. Imam Hossain is a Head of Chamber & CEO of the Investment & Development-Consultancy/Litigation/Arbitration (IDCLA) and specialized in International Development Law and public international law. More

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