IDCLA brings together a community of practitioners and learners who want to link development theory with practice, to question and seek alternatives to current development practices, to learn how to turn development aspirations into realities, and who wish to reflect on their own development work. IDCLA assists NGOs and government entities with diverse aspects of project planning and execution by providing consultancy. IDCLA also assists with compliance issues to complement other cultural or technical issues.

Areas of focus

  • Anti-Corruption Pogrammes
  • Airports, Seaports and Railway Systems
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Land Development
  • Energy and Power-Producing Facilities
  • High Tech and Biotech Innovation and Advancement
  • Housing Medical and Educational Facilities
  • International and Joint-Venture Construction
  • Medical and Health Education Development
  • Mineral and Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Rule of Law, Transparency and Social Justice Programmes
  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Tourism
  • Trade and Private Sector Development
  • Telecommunication Systems