Financial Compliance has been core practice areas at IDCLA. IDCLA focuses on all aspects of banking law, including banking regulations, secured commercial lending, cross-border and national, leasing and hire purchase, the raising of loan finance, derivatives, and enforcement and realization of security interests. And also bank fraud cases involving large sums of money.

IDCLA’s aim is to spread the knowledge about the transnational nature of corporate finance and regulation, and the central place of banks and other financial intermediaries in the globalisation of commerce. Therefore, “Financial Compliance” is designed to serve the continually evolving financial services industry by providing the highest quality continuing education focused on cutting edge issues related to banking law and regulation.


  • Aiming to be a leading resource and place for discourse on practical, cutting-edge issues facing lawyers, judges, policymakers, and academicians within the banking and financial industry.
  • Strong regulatory practice and represent clients before the Securities and Exchange board and the Central Bank of Bangladesh.
  • Examine the legal, theoretical and practical aspects of bank regulation and supervision, with a particular focus on current events. And also analyse the issues relating to banking from the perspective of private and public law.
  • Focus on the domestic and international statutes, directives and standards respectively that have shaped the way there activities are overseen.
  • Study on the practical steps to regulate international banking activities such as consolidated supervision, capital adequacy, large exposure rules and the fit and proper criteria that need to be fulfilled by the institutions and individuals themselves on a continuous basis.



  • Organizing symposium seminars and conference on banking and securities regulation.
  • Organizing the training course for the bankers and professional personnel.
  • Drawing up and offering publicity materials and collection of laws and regulations concerning investment Banking.
  • Undertaking the other business concerning the requirement of the investors from both home and aboard and the foreign capital enterprises.
  • Focus on syndicated lending debt capital markets and derivatives clearing, settlement and netting.
  • Explore security in finance and international development competition and trade law.
  • To fight against economically motivated and related crime and in particular examine its impact on the proper operation and stability of financial institutions. It focuses on the relationship of financial crime in its exploitative and facilitative forms to organised crime and corporate misconduct. Fraud, market abuse, money laundering and corruption are specifically addressed in terms of prevention and control.