Md.Imam Hossain

Lawyers in Developing Countries

Md. Imam Hossain is a CEO of the Investment & Development-Consultancy/Litigation/Arbitration (IDCLA) and specialized in International Development Law and public international law.

Mr. Hossain has worked on cases representing both government and private clients in litigation and arbitration matters. He also advises clients on investment structuring for treaty protection, as well as on the development issues.

Before developing the firm, Mr. Hossain was an Assistant Attorney General of Bangladesh Attorney General Office. Furthermore, Mr. Hossain was the former Course Director of Bangladesh and British Law School, and he was also the former Chief Editor of Counsel, A monthly Law Report.

Mr. Hossain has a publication on: "Pursuing Sustainable Economic Development through "Right to Development," Chevening Journal Volume 1 2012, Bangladesh.
He also hosted and anchored two Talk Shows, "Law and Development" and "With guest" On Baishakhi T.V. Bangladesh.

Mr. Hossain has attended numerous International Congress and conference as a speaker & received many awards.

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